Sumerian phrases

Native tongue

hello (informal) 

Silimma hemeen
May you have good health. (formal)

Muzu anaam?
What's your name?

Mungu (name)-am
My name is ...


Where are you from? 

I am from London

Me'a intilen?
Where do you live? 

Roma intilen
I live in Rome.

Here are a few more Sumerian phrases:

Inanna zirru kabtu." - This means "Inanna is the queen of heaven."

Nin mešara ilu rabû." - This means "The lord of wisdom is the great god."

Ereškigal ki'šub la tari." - This means "Ereshkigal does not give life."

Nin-ĝir-su ki-ur-ta." - This means "Ningirsu, the hero of Girsu."

Nam-šub ki-en-gi." - This means "The farmer is the king's servant."

Here are some common Sumerian words and their English translations:

1. An - Sky
2. Dingir - God
3. Ki - Earth
4. Lugal - King
5. Nam - Fate
6. Nammu - The primeval sea goddess
7. Nin - Lady
8. Ninkharsag - Earth Mother
9. Ninkilim - Goddess of pottery
10. Ninsar - Lady of vegetation
11. Ninsikil - Lady of grain
12. Shumu - Son
13. Udug - Demon
14. Zalag - A type of beer
15. Zig - Seed

It's worth noting that Sumerian is an extinct language, so the pronunciation and meaning of these phrases are based on our best understanding of the language from archaeological and linguistic evidence.

What we know about the Sumerians

We know quite a bit about the Sumerians thanks to their system of writing, cuneiform, which they used to record a wide variety of information on clay tablets. These tablets have been discovered and translated by archaeologists, providing us with a wealth of information about the Sumerian civilization.

From these tablets, we know that the Sumerians had a complex religious system, with many gods and goddesses who were believed to control various aspects of life. They also had a highly developed system of government, with kings who ruled over city-states and a complex bureaucracy to manage affairs such as taxation, trade, and defense.

The Sumerians were skilled in many areas, including agriculture, architecture, and metallurgy. They built impressive structures such as ziggurats and temples, and they developed advanced irrigation systems to support their farming economy. They also made significant advances in mathematics and astronomy, and their system of writing was a major achievement that paved the way for later civilizations.

Overall, the Sumerians were a highly advanced civilization that made many significant contributions to human history. Their legacy can be seen in many areas of modern life, from our system of timekeeping to our methods of agriculture and architecture.
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