Some Albanian verbs

Filloj- I start Harroj- I forget Humbas-loose Jam- I am Kam- I have Kaloj-to pass by Mendoj- I think Nderoj-I change Ndihem- I feel Qëndroj- I stay Shoh-see Takoj-I meet Vras-kill

Pharaoh Khufu

Khufu or Cheops was an ancient Egyptian monarch who was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, in the first half of the Old Kingdom period.

The Albanian Boza drink.

Një shishe dhe një gotë bozë shqiptare në një tavolinë. A bottle and a glass of Albanian boza in a table. shishe bottle gotë glass tavolinë table The Boza drink (bozë) is a traditional Albanian drink brought to the region by the …


Ukrainian is an Eastern Slavic language related to Russian and Polish. It evolved from Old Church Slavonic. Linguistically Ukrainian is something like midway between Russian and Polish. While there are many similarities with Russ…

Ukrainian greetings

Добрий день! dobryi den' Good day! привіт Pri'vit Hello! привіт,як справи? Pry'vit yak 'spravy? Hello, how are you doing?

At the Romanian hotel.

Unde e aici cel mai apropiat hotel? -where is the nearest hotel? Cel mai apropiat hotel să află pe strada…  -the closest hotel is on the street Unde e aici staţie de taxiuri? -where is the taxi stop? Duceţi-ma, vă rog, la cel m…

asking for things in Romanian

Fiti bun please Fiti atat de amabil Be so kind as to explain to me permiteti let me Cum sa ajung la? how to get to the? sa ies log off sa intru to come in sa trec pass the sa va intreb ask you sa va raspund answer you Ast…

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