Colloquial Albanian (book review)


I have recently purchased the latest edition of this book of the established Colloquial serious and I must say it is one the best out there on learning Albanian which was a nice surprise for me. 

Colloquial Albanian -the latest edition.

I found it easy to 'digest' material with simple texts,exercises and grammar examples unlike the older version which seems kind of bulky material wise. The older version has a lot more material which is not necessarily a good thing.

Concerning the older version it was much harder for me to assimilate the material while I found the new edition much clearer and simpler with nice examples.

Plus ,the older edition is full of Kosovan elements of the dialect as it is spoken in Kosovo a fact which is not mentioned in the book at all. 

People most often want to learn the official Albanian language as it is spoken in Albania which is based on the Tosk dialect unlike Kosovan based on the Gheg dialect.

Tosk and Gheg are the two major dialects of the Albanian language.

The previous edition is full of Kosovan dialect elements. 

This has been corrected in the new book. The language used in the new edition is indeed this time the official Albanian language as it is spoken in Albania.

Another thing that I found very useful in the latest edition is that it often gives variants of words or phrases which are often used in Albanian speech. This is a very good insight on how native speakers really speak.

And my favorite part- the dialogue exercises. The dialogue exercises did actually help me to start speaking a bit in Albanian and not remain tongue-tied ,just learning the material passively. You can hardly find such exercises in any other Albanian learning course.

Mind though that the entire audio of the book is given freely on the official Colloquial site. I don't see why someone should buy the audio cds.

This book is definitely a must for learners of Albanian standing out between all other Albanian courses on the market up to now.

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