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Meeting people in Ancient Greek.

Ὄνομα σοι τί ἐστιν; Ónoma soi tí estin? What's your name? Ὄνομα μοι…  Ónopa moi ... My name is ... Ποδαπὸς εἶ;   Podapós eí? - sg  Where are you from? Ποδαποί ἐστε;  Podapoí este? - pl  Where are you from? Καὶ ποδαπὸς; Kai po…

Random Albanian phrases

diçka anything kërkoj To ask,to look for Kërkoj punë në Greqi. I'm looking for work in Greece. Kemi mbetur We remained. Hape ! Open! Shumë punë Too much work Tjetër ditë Another day  Jam i lodhur. I'm tired. (male speaki…

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