Core phrases in Kazakh.

Қалыңыз қалай?
Qalynyz qalai?
How are you?

Kazakh is a Turkic language of Central Asia native in Kazakhstan , western China (Xinjiang Province) Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

It is spoken in countries of the ex Soviet Union like Russia (4 hundred thousand) as well.

It belongs to the Kipchak branch of Central Asian Turkic languages. 

It is estimated that a total of about 13.5 million people speak it .

Kyrgyz is a sister language of Kazakh. They are basically two different registers of the same language differing in phonology mainly and the literary language . Like the case of Hindustani with Hindi and Urdu.

Both used Chagatai Turkic as a common literary source in the past.

There is a low degree of mutual intelligibility between Kazakh and Turkish unlike Turkish and Uzbek.

Basic Kazakh phrases


Meeting people

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