Core phrases in Romanian.

Ce mai faci?
How are you?

Romanian is a Balkan Romance language derived from Vulgar Latin spoken in the Balkan Peninsula north of the Jirecek line during the times of the Roman Empire.

The Jireček line.

It's closest living relatives are Aromanian (Greece, Albania,North Macedonia) ,Istro-Romanian (Croatia) and Megleno-Romanian at the border between Greece and North Macedonia.

Romanian is called limba române in Romanian.

It is spoken mainly in the countries of Romania and Moldova and by Romanian diaspora in Europe and around the world.

It is estimated that Romanian is spoken by more or less about 30 million people as a first and second language.


Meeting people

Asking for directions

Asking for things

Buying stuff
at the hotel

Days of the week
At the doctor's

to have

Important phrases 

revision exercise

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