Fastest way to learn a foreign language.

Well, I've tried almost everything. Grammars,phrases,movies,cds,cassettes back in the day, travelling abroad, privates lessons and help from a native speaker. None of these did much. 

foreign language only

It has been repeatedly said that the only and best way to learn a foreign language is to speak only in the target language without the help of the foreign language.

But how can this be done? At first it should be very challenging.  Some basic words and phrases are needed on which one can build on. 

Then one should to try to use them without the help of their native or another language.

the next best thing 

The right environment is very important here- native speakers. But these could be very difficult to find unless you travel abroad,unfortunately.

What if you can't find native speakers? What then? Well, I've set up some simple exercises in this blog,exercises in the foreign language-dialogues- to use them by myself.

I will try this method and let you know of the results.

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