Georgian core phrases

Georgian is a Katrvelian language of the Caucasus spoken by about 4 million people mainly in Georgia  and neigbouring countries. 

Katrvelian is unrelated to any other known language family of the present or the past. Georgian is related to Svan, Laz and Mingrelian within the Kartvelian language family.

Svan is more distantly related- it broke off the original language  about four thousand

 years ago. 

Kartvelian dialects

The official Georgian language is based on the Kartli (ქართლი) dialect.

Georgia was at its peak of power during the reign of the Kingdom of Georgia in Medieval times. 

the Kingdom of Georgia at its height with its tributary states
                                                      ქართლის სამეფო                                                      kartlis samepo

Georgian core phrases

meeting people 

Georgian culture

the Knight in the Panther's Skin

Medieval epic poem by Shota Rustaveli 

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