Old Athenian

Old Athenian is a group of Greek dialects spoken in central Greece around Attika in places like Cyme , Athens , Megara and Aegina. These are very distinct dialcts with archaic features and are geographically located on the outskirts of the former Arvanite-speaking areas .

They seems to be remnants of Old Greek spoken in the region of Attica,Boeotia and southern Euboea before the advent of Arvanite -before 1300 AD ,that is. After the proclamation of the Greek Revolution these dialects began to decrease significantly and eventually were entirely replaced by common Greek.

παλιά αθηναϊκά

Old Athenian spoken in Athens until 1833 and at Aegina until the beginning of the 20th century.The  dialect of Cumae and Megara are probably still spoken by some old people.

some characteristics
In  the variety of Cymae ts or ch is used instead of common Greek k ,same as in the island dialects.

A key feature of these dialects was the use of Byzantine ου (u) (which was pronounced like the French u as in measure)  instead of common Greek i.Other characteristics was the pronounciation of k as ts before i, e - a phaenomeno reminiscent of Italian.

Modern Greek συκιά sykia
old Athenian-σουκέα sukea
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