Turkish core phrases


Turkish is a member of the big Turkic languages family that is thought to have originated in East Asia, in the area stretching from Mongolia to North Western China.

It belongs to Oguz (western) branch of the family.

The migrations and conquests of nomadic Turkic tribes brought their language to Western Asia and the Balkans. 

In modern times immigrants brought their language to Western Europe, mainly Germany.

Turkic languages

Turkish is the most widely spoken language of the family with an estimate of about 70 to 80 million speakers.

Their common traits are vowel harmony, agglutination (the use of many prefixes and suffixes in one word) and no grammatical gender.

Turkish is a very logical language grammatically with few exceptions and not that hard to learn for English speakers.

Countries with substantial numbers of Turkish speakers. 
Germany is one too.

It is written in a variant of the Latin alphabet introduced by reforms of Kemal Ataturk meant to westernise the country.

Formerly the Ottoman alphabet was used the so-called and Turko-Arabic script based on Arabic which was the official alphabet of the Ottoman administration.

The Ottoman alphabet was abolished with the introduction of the new Turkish alphabet.

Turkish core phrases


Personal pronouns

meeting people 


At the hotel 


Buying a bus ticket 

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