Greetings in Pawnee.


Here are some common greetings and phrases in Pawnee language:

- Kíno'owúu? - How are you?

- Ráno óhpi? - How is it going?

- Kíno'owúu núhkta? - How are you today?

- Ráno óhpi núhkta? - How are things today?

- Tsa'áwit? - What is your name?

- Tsa'áwit áhko? - What is your name again? 

- Núhkta'aha? - What time is it?

- Táh ríhkta'aha? - What day is it?

- Kíno'owúu kóohka? - How is your family?

- Kíno'owúu pahka? - How is your health?

- Mahkíra kóohka? - How is your day?

- Ma'heónemestoo - Thank you.

- Máhkta - Goodbye.

Who are the Pawnee people.

 The Pawnee people are a Native American tribe that historically inhabited the Great Plains region of North America, primarily in what is now Nebraska. They were one of the largest and most powerful tribes in the region, with a complex social and religious system and a rich cultural heritage.

Sharitarish, a Pawnee chief

The Pawnee traditionally lived in permanent earth lodges, which were large, dome-shaped structures made of soil and grass. They were skilled farmers and hunters, and relied on the buffalo for much of their food and other resources.

The Pawnee suffered greatly from the westward expansion of European settlers in the 19th century, which led to the loss of their lands, the decimation of the buffalo herds, and the spread of disease. Today, many Pawnee people live on reservations in Oklahoma, and the tribe continues to work to preserve its language, culture, and traditions.

The Pawnee language in the film 'The Revenant'.

In the film "The Revenant," the Pawnee language is used in some scenes. The Pawnee language is spoken by a group of Pawnee warriors who attack the main character, Hugh Glass, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The Pawnee language used in the film is an accurate representation of the language as it was spoken by the Pawnee people in the 19th century.

The use of the Pawnee language in the film is significant because it helps to portray the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Great Plains region at that time. The Pawnee were one of many Native American tribes who inhabited the area, each with its own distinct language and culture.

The filmmakers worked closely with Pawnee language experts and consultants to ensure that the language was used correctly and respectfully in the film. The use of the Pawnee language in "The Revenant" is an example of how film and media can be used to promote awareness and appreciation of indigenous cultures and languages.

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