Medu neter- the divine words in Ancient Egyptian

The Ancient Egyptians called their writing medu neter also transliterated as mdw ntr or medw netcher or medu netcher

Medu neter means 'dinine words'-medu is words ,neter is god,godly,dinine. Sacred writing was written in various ways in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Here are two of them. Now let's see what each of the symbol stands for. 

plural of nouns

Notice the three sticks (staffs) in the second variant.Repeating symbols marked the plural in Ancient Egyptian.

So,here the md symbol means word and is repeated three times thus meaning words.

More about the Divine Words.

Medu Neter, also known as Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, is the writing system used in ancient Egypt from about 3200 BCE until the end of the fourth century CE. The term "Medu Neter" means "the language of the gods" and was used to write a variety of texts including religious, historical, and administrative documents. 

The writing system consisted of a combination of logographic, alphabetic, and phonetic glyphs. Logographic glyphs represented entire words or concepts, while alphabetic glyphs represented individual sounds. Phonetic glyphs were used to represent sounds that were not represented by alphabetic glyphs. 

Medu Neter was deciphered in the 19th century by scholars such as Jean-Francois Champollion, who used the Rosetta Stone as a key to unlock the meaning of the hieroglyphs. Today, Medu Neter is studied by scholars and Egyptologists as a means of understanding the ancient Egyptian language, culture, and history.
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