Ukrainian idioms about sleep


1. "Спати як закопаний" - to sleep like a buried one (to sleep soundly)

2. "Сонячний зайчик проспав" - the sunny bunny overslept (to oversleep)

3. "Почивати на лаврах" - to rest on laurels (to sleep without worries and without any disturbance)

4. "Заснути на ходу" - to fall asleep on the go (to fall asleep in an inappropriate place or moment)

5. "Відспати десять батьківщин" - to sleep ten motherlands (to sleep for a long time)

6. "Бачити сни про щось приємне" - to dream about something pleasant (to have sweet dreams)

7. "Відкривати очі на світанку" - to open one's eyes at dawn (to wake up early)

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