Cuman phrases

Cuman is an extinct Turkic language that was spoken by the Cumans, a nomadic people who roamed the Eurasian steppe during the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, very few written records of the Cuman language have survived, and as a result, our knowledge of the language is limited. However, here are a few phrases in Cuman that have been reconstructed by linguists based on available evidence:

1. Salam - Hello

2. Süymen - I am here

3. Giderim - I go

4. Keldim - I came

5. Yaxşı - Good

6. Kötü - Bad

7. Yarış - Horse race

8. Kümüş - Silver

9. Tengri - God, sky

10. Alğa - Go away

Note that the spelling and pronunciation of these phrases may vary depending on the source and the specific dialect of Cuman being considered.


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