Phrases about agriculture in Ancient Egyptian

 Here are some ancient Egyptian phrases related to agriculture:

1. "Htp-di-nsw n Wsjr nb AbDw anx wDbw m Hbw nb pA wt nTr." (Translation: "An offering which the king gives to Osiris, lord of Abydos, that he may give a good flood, grant water, and cause the earth to sprout with greenness.")

This phrase was commonly used in offerings and prayers to ensure a bountiful harvest.

2. "Hapy n Ra, tAwy n Hapy." (Translation: "The Nile is a gift of God, the earth is a gift of the Nile.")

This phrase highlights the importance of the Nile River in Egyptian agriculture, as it provided water for crops and fertile soil for farming.

3. "hrw n snDyt n sSmt." (Translation: "The farmer is the seed's friend.")

This phrase emphasizes the close relationship between the farmer and the crops they cultivate.

4. "Smai mnxw nbwt wHmwy." (Translation: "May your fields be fertile and your harvests plentiful.")

This was a common blessing given to farmers during the planting and harvesting seasons.

5. "tAwy n Km.t" (Translation: "The land of Egypt is a gift of the Nile.")

This phrase reinforces the significance of the Nile River in Egyptian agriculture and the country as a whole.

6. "Snyt pA nTr." (Translation: "The breadbasket of the world.")

This phrase was used to describe Egypt's agricultural abundance and its ability to produce enough food to feed its people and even export to other countries.

7. "wDj n aHA ntr n tAwy m Hbw." (Translation: "May the god of the harvest bless us with bountiful crops.")

This prayer was often recited during harvest festivals to give thanks for a successful growing season and to ask for continued prosperity.

8. "Sd n twt n nHH." (Translation: "The sower of seed is the lord of years.")

This phrase recognizes the importance of the farmer in ensuring a successful harvest and the cyclical nature of agriculture.

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