Greetings in Luwian.

 The Luwian language is an extinct language that was spoken in ancient Anatolia, now modern-day Turkey. Here are two ways to say "Greetings" in Luwian:

1. "Tarhunawalliya!" - This is a greeting that invokes the name of the Luwian god Tarhun. It can be translated as "May Tarhun be with you!" or "Hail Tarhun!"

2. "Annara!" - This is a general greeting that can be translated as "Hello!" or "Greetings!"

It's important to note that Luwian is an extinct language, and the knowledge of its grammar and vocabulary is limited to what has been uncovered through archaeological and linguistic research. Therefore, the pronunciation and usage of these phrases may not be 100% accurate.

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